Meet the Chatham Islands Crew

Delivering an exhilarating, memorable, and genuinely unique experience.

GlenYour Skipper: Glen King

Glen was born in the Chatham Islands and has lived here his entire life. He has grown up around the sea and has a deep respect for it.
Glen spent 20 years as a commercial paua and kina diver in his younger days and has first hand experience and knowledge of the underwater country around the Islands.
He has since graduated to being on top of the water, rather than in it, where he has etched his living from potting for cray fish and blue cod over the last 12 years.
He has in-depth knowledge of the the commercial fishing industry here historically and presently especially of his two main targeted species, cray fish and blue cod.


AndreYour Crewman: Andre Day 

Andre is also a Chatham Islander whos family have been there for generations. 
He has years of experience fishing on deep sea trawlers around New Zealand and has been our dedicated crew member for the last 5 years where he has worked along side Glen in our commercial fishing operation and with our charter business.
Andre is a confident vessel operator and is now working towards his commercial launch masters ticket.
He is a fantastic cook and can give great advise on how best to prepare and cook your catch as well as share his experiences living and working in the isolated Chatham Islands.


Your Charter Organiser: Megan Lanauze-King 

Megan is a 7th generation Pitt Islander. Her great, great, great grandfather Fredrick Hunt, settled on Pitt Island in 1843.
Megan is proud of her Island history, culture and the unique lifestyle she was brought up in.
She has grown up around the sea and understands the challenges and independence that the isolation of these Islands demand of people.
Megan is a primary school teacher who currently juggles relief teaching alongside running a charter and commercial fishing business with her husband Glen.